Pizza Thursday Finale: The Philly Prizzasteak

My ears perked up like a hungry little puppy when Lunch’er Mwinston mentioned the South St Special in the forums, or as I like to call it “The Philly Prizzasteak”. I don’t often like to eat things just to say I did, but there was something special behind this Philly centric concept. I can’t take credit for this monster combo, but I am excited to share it with ML readers and I hope you are horrified and delighted with what our stomachs accomplished. Here is what went down…

Pizza + pretzel+ cheesesteak

First we grabbed our large slice at Lorenzo’s (noting that it was a little undersauced for normal consumption but the only slice large enough to handle a cheesesteak). Next we went down the block to pick up warm pretzels from Jim’s Soft Pretzel. Finally, we crossed the street with much anticipation and ordered out Jim’s cheesesteaks wiz wit (onions and cheese wiz). Apparently Jim’s is used to outside food being brought in so we went to the upstairs seating area, and then we rolled.

We rolled one length-wise

And the other width-wise

Sorry arteries, I promise to eat something green for dinner! I confess that nobody should be too impressed because I only got through a bit over half.  It was quite a challenge to handle that thing but it ended up being better than I thought, plus it is just fun to consume something so ridiculous.  We definitely got a few confused stares our way.

The onions and the wiz in the cheesesteak are absolutely key to remedy what could have been a dryness issue  from the pretzel and cheesesteak bun. A lager also helped.  I recommend this as a late night not quite sober activity or as the perfect was to haze your out of town friends.

Has anyone else tried this before? If so, which way do you roll?

Lorenzo and Son Pizza, 305 South St (@ 3rd), 215-627-4110

Jim’s Steaks, 400 South St (@ 4th), 215-928-1911

Jim’s Pretzels, 534 S 4th St (@ South St), 267-273-0014



  • Damn, nice job mashing-up a Prizzasteak. Way to handle that overloaded sandwich. You’ve done ML proud, Jamie!

    Now I want one…especially a Jim’s cheesesteak!!!

  • Maybe a pretzel wrapped in a slice of cheesesteak pizza would be less of a bread bomb. Or a cheesesteak pretzel from Philly Pretzel Co wrapped in a slice of pizza. Or a pizza cheesesteak on a pretzel roll.

  • width-wise, clearly.
    “got through a bit over half”- yea right

  • For the record, I made it through all but the 2 final bites :)

    Also, eating it sober, it tastes better than you would expect!

  • Hats off to the both of you. Amazing.

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    Is Philly Pizza any good? Other that that hesitation, looks yum.

  • I’d do the steak/pizza combo, however the pretzel seems like way too much dough to actually get through. Good job on almost getting through that monstrosity MWinston.

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    I’m with CheeeeEEEEse – I’m actually anti the addition of the soft pretzel (mainly since i only believe in adding food stuffs when they come with their own grease as the pizza and steak do) Although I do challenge someone to find a way to shove scrapple into one of these to add to the deliciousness.

    PS: I’m not proud of it but I’ve finished two Philly Tacos in a single sitting…sober

  • It seems like the cheesesteak roll would be the item to jettison.

  • @Cheese You’re right. The pretzel was the weak link in the beast. It’s the whiz, sautéed onions, and pizza sauce that keep it all moist enough.

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    I agree with @exposure…get rid of the cheesesteak roll and you’re in business…plus minus a LOT of carbs

  • The final food frontier has been crossed with this delicious food abomination, quote Hans Gruber “and when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there no more worlds to conquer.”

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