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At Cleavers, Come for the Giant Branded Sandwiches, Stay for the Beer (aka Just Because I’m Off Bread & Beer For Passover Doesn’t Mean You Need to Be)

Cleavers, a the sandwich and shake spot, opened a few months ago to replace the burgers and shake spot, Good Stuff Eatery. The layout and concept is similar, order at the counter and use the upstairs floor if you’d like to dine in. Cheesesteaks and chicken cutlet sandwiches make up most of the menu, all hovering around $10

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A Tied Together Mix and Match Lunch at Double Knot

Thanks to Double Knot for inviting me to try the new lunch menu! 

I am normally exponentially more excited to try the food of a new restaurant than I am to see the designed space. But for Double Knot, Michael Schulson’s latest addition to 13th Street (with a passageway in to Sampan), I was really excited about both. Teaser pictures and the multi uses of the bi level space, complete with subterranean sushi bar and robatayaki grill, had me needing to see it for myself.  (Sidenote: how did I not know this spot was formerly a gay “movie” house?)

Here is the deal, in the morning, as early as 7am, you can enjoy coffee and pastries at the bar or 2 tops, along side the carefully curated shelves of knick knacks and wooden accents. Happy Hour begins at that same space at 4pm with just a sample of the food offered downstairs. After 5pm, you can head down the stairs for a loooong menu of skewers and sushi. But for lunch (and that’s 10pm-3pm), the menu is pleasantly streamlined: pick a protein (steak, shrimp, pork, chicken, tofu, meatball) and what form you would like it in (salad, banh mi, rice, noodles) in exchange for $7.

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Jumbo Tots and Plump Chicken Breasts Are Built for Pleasure at Samwich

I was happy to hear that the Nolibs funky American restaurant Suppa had opened a sandwich place a bit closer to where I live. Samwich occupies the small space at 6th and Catherine, which had formerly been the site of Blue Belly BBQ. There is a counter to eat at and a list of sandwiches that are mostly rifts on comfort food.

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Matt and Marie’s Porchetta and Pancetta Sandwich

Matt and Marie’s has been going strong with their Center City sandwich sales for a year and a half with a simple menu of about 10 sandwiches and a few salads. Currently, they are phasing out their  “Pieta Pastrami” that featured shaved hot (don’t even, Wayne) pastrami, house-made dill pickled cucumbers & onions, and pepperoncini aioli and are replacing it with “The Testarossa.”

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Filet Sandwiches from Nick’s Charcoal Pit, because not all Philly steak sandwiches are chopped

A few years ago, Luncher Zoe wrote about the char broiled meat sandwiches at Nick’s Charcoal Pit in South Philly by the Snyder Station. While in the area looking for a restaurant that I found out had closed, I saw the Nick’s sign, remembered her report,  and came up with my plan B.

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Lunch and a Cocktail at a. Bar

a. kitchen and a. bar sit on the corner of 18th and Walnut. Rittenhouse Square is just 2 crosses of the street away. I was invited to try the lunch at and I was eager for the opportunity to pretend to be classy for an hour while people watching and possibly day drinking.

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Porchetta Panini from The Daily Press’d

With the new burst of lower temperatures and rain, I took advantage of the short lines at last night’s Night Market- the last of the season. One new truck that had been on my list was The Daily Press’d. South Philly workers will be pleased to know this truck has found a semi-permanent home doing lunch service at  27th and Grey’s Ferry.  Their first large festival debut was actually at the Mt. Airy Street Fare that I coordinated last month-but I did not find time to try their food that night. I was familiar with their menu and knew exactly what I wanted to order last night- the porchetta panini.

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