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Porchetta Panini from The Daily Press’d

With the new burst of lower temperatures and rain, I took advantage of the short lines at last night’s Night Market- the last of the season. One new truck that had been on my list was The Daily Press’d. South Philly workers will be pleased to know this truck has found a semi-permanent home doing lunch service at  27th and Grey’s Ferry.  Their first large festival debut was actually at the Mt. Airy Street Fare that I coordinated last month-but I did not find time to try their food that night. I was familiar with their menu and knew exactly what I wanted to order last night- the porchetta panini.

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Street Fare: I Get to Bring My Food Truck Favorites to Mt. Airy Tonight

What’s better than all the best food trucks and live music on a Thursday? Those things + me. Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t- I work for a non profit and today is the big event I have been working on for months, the Mt. Airy Street Fare. So, if you are anywhere in Philly, you should come! I hand picked the trucks after all.

Complaining about the lines? Don’t be a loser. Grab 3 friends, get beer, split up in to groups of 2 so you have someone to chat with on the line, order enough for the 4 of you and share.

Look what I am going to do for you- an annotated guide to all 50 trucks!

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The Rotisserie at The Porch (30th St Station)

I was invited to check out the new food truck permanently stationed at 30th St (for the summer). From a place where commuters merely passed through, to a place to sit and relax, “The Porch” has gone through an amazing transformation in the past few years. Recently, food trucks rotated in for lunch service. As of the end of May, The Rotisserie, a Michael Schulson creation (Sampan), took over the vending, serving lunch daily as well as dinner and drinks Wednesday- Saturday.

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Fried Chicken and Gravy Fries from Philly Fry

A french fry truck better have some good toppings! That was the mind set I had while checking out newcomer Philly Fry, a truck that opened this winter. When I saw all the proteins and guilty-pleasure combos, I realized they knew that was expected of them. From buffalo chicken and crab meat to bacon and steak- your order will provide more than just something to dip into ketchup.

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Crab Mac and Cheese Fried Dumplings from the Dump n Roll Truck

I first came in to contact with Peter from Dump n Roll when he was getting his truck started and wanted to know more about food vending opportunities. That’s how I knew this guy could hustle. The hustle is important in making it in the food truck world, especially as more newbs enter and less space is available (vending is not allowed on most streets in Center City).

Dump n Roll vends dumplings and spring rolls.  I told Peter the name of his truck might throw some people off- but I think he just wants to stand out.  I finally got to see Peter in action on Drexel’s campus and tried one of the specialty dumplings of the day.

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M.A.T.T.’s Food Truck Gourmet Sliders

Another one of the newer food trucks I have just come across is  M.A.T.T.’s Food Truck. M.A.T.T.’s  handles bite sized creations made from decadent proteins: duck, pork belly, and burgers.

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Chicken Bowl from the Butter Truck

From octopus balls to pb & js, Butter Sandwich Truck owner Nicole is all about the comfort food. A few years ago, she was helping bring takoyaki to the Gayborhood. Now, Butter focuses mostly on spruced up peanut butter and jelly and grilled cheese sandwiches. For me, what are more exciting are her rotating specials. This week, it included a chicken and dumpling stew ($6).

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