The Rotisserie at The Porch (30th St Station)

I was invited to check out the new food truck permanently stationed at 30th St (for the summer). From a place where commuters merely passed through, to a place to sit and relax, “The Porch” has gone through an amazing transformation in the past few years. Recently, food trucks rotated in for lunch service. As of the end of May, The Rotisserie, a Michael Schulson creation (Sampan), took over the vending, serving lunch daily as well as dinner and drinks Wednesday- Saturday.

A limited selection of beer on tap and in cans along with some refreshing cocktails are available during dinner service from a separate truck.

Umbrella covered tables are available to eat at. You can get your food to go, of course, but some of the snacks and sandwiches on the menu are more transportable than others, consider that when ordering.

Wings with a dill-y ranch and vibrant, pickled vegetables would be a lovely snack with your after work beer or for lunch with friends.

The porchetta is another snack best suited for sharing. More pork? Yea, deal with it- I eat a lot of pork.  The bits of pork skin, fat, and meat are served with a sneakily spicy mayo.

The spit roasted lamb flatbread ($10) was my second favorite. The lamb did tasted noticeably spit roasted as opposed to braised. There is a 7-spit rotisserie oven actually on the truck. The chunky, mint pesto was a refreshing alternative to the mint jelly- lamb pairing.  The layout would be too cumbersome to eat on the go. I enjoyed leisurely breaking off pieces of the flatbread, stacking on some lamb to  make mini sandwiches.

The fish tacos ($7) were my favorite. Three, thick, non -greasy, breaded fillets of fish  were served with a chunky salsa verde. They seem to prefer their sauces chunky here. Which is a good thing, its less runny. Though chunky is not really a great adjective when it comes to most things.

For the rest of the manageable menu you get a good variety: kale salad, watermelon feta salad, bbq chips,  and a veggie and regular burger.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Great options for a lunch during a commute
  • Affordable, greaseless fish tacos and spit roasted lamb

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I miss the rotation of trucks

 The Rotisserie at The Porch,  30th St Station, 30th and Market


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