Chicken Bowl from the Butter Truck

From octopus balls to pb & js, Butter Sandwich Truck owner Nicole is all about the comfort food. A few years ago, she was helping bring takoyaki to the Gayborhood. Now, Butter focuses mostly on spruced up peanut butter and jelly and grilled cheese sandwiches. For me, what are more exciting are her rotating specials. This week, it included a chicken and dumpling stew ($6).

Whats better than a hot bowl of protein over rice? A hot bowl of protein with no rice. No filler, all goodness. The chicken stew was super thick- essentially brothless, with shreds of chicken making up most of the bowl. Within the lovely chicken mush were cooked down vegetables and little dough dumplings.  If I had taken this home, I could have thrown it on some rice and doubled the meal, but instead I ate it all and quite enjoyed myself. It was perfectly seasoned, with enough just enough salt to bring out all the chicken soup flavors you would hope to have but not taste salty. The stew is served in a bowl covered with tinfoil, so you have to be a little careful transporting it, but its worth it.

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