Fried Chicken and Gravy Fries from Philly Fry

A french fry truck better have some good toppings! That was the mind set I had while checking out newcomer Philly Fry, a truck that opened this winter. When I saw all the proteins and guilty-pleasure combos, I realized they knew that was expected of them. From buffalo chicken and crab meat to bacon and steak- your order will provide more than just something to dip into ketchup.

If there is fried chicken on something, I will probably want it. Its no shocker that the Chicken and Waffle fries also had other things I like: sausage gravy, and waffle fries. The plate is a big one; I smiled as I carried it over to my friends, knowing how decadent it appeared.  The plate is $10, a fair price since this really serves more than one person. The fried chicken is in popcorn chicken form, which makes it easily shared, so don’t expect a big, tender chicken finger or bone in breast.  I liked the white  gravy though my friends found it sage-heavy. It certainly wasn’t under seasoned. The perfect waffle fries soaked up the gravy, without disintegrating. I posit that waffle fries are great because you get to experience crispy and softer textures  in one single fry. I also indulged in some malt vinegar and ketchup. When it comes to fries, do you like classic? Or can you handle a protein topped mega plate?

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