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Other Things I Ate This Week: The Elusive Jianbing

I recently sent a tweet about a special breakfast off menu item that we tried on my Chinatown Food Tour and I got a few emails and messages about where to find it. I don’t keep things secret, I am all about sharing the edible wealth. For the unfamiliar, Jian Bing is a popular street breakfast crepe in China. But it tastes good any time of day.

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Other Things I Ate This Week: 3am Eel and Pottstown Schnitzel

*new weekly feature for 2016: brief photo recaps + not always lunch

This week I tried out the casual Mexican spot, La Virgen de las Nieves. While I enjoyed the the tortilla making up the sope base, the carnitas topping was too fatty.

La Virgen de Las Nieves, 1839 S 8th St, 215 463-1059

Post camping trip at French Creek, we stopped at The Schnitzel House in Pottstown,  very no frills German diner. The spaetzle was too plain. The schnitzel was satisfying, though borderline burnt. The mustard stuffed housemade sausage was a winner.

The Schnitzel House, 181 W Schuylkill Rd, Pottstown,  (610) 705-8881

Closer to home and for a much later meal…

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Other Things I Ate This Week: Peking Duck and Bacon Gelato

 *new weekly feature for 2016: brief photo recaps + not lunch

This week, a post Chinese New Year’s dinner brought us to Ting Wong, where the dishes were spot on. I ordered the classics: wonton soup, chicken congee, fried dumplings, snow pea greens, beef chow fun, spicy fish fillet, stuffed tofu, and a Peking Duck, whose crispy skin and fluffy buns were a stand out.

Ting Wong, 138 N 10th St, 215 928-1883

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Lunching in Montreal

Happy New Year, darlings! I ran away to Montreal for a bit (my first time) for a largely food based escape that I would love to share with you.  I followed Midtown Lunch founder Zach’s guide as much as possible. Who else would I trust more?

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Chili Szechuan, Szechuan West of the River

While I tend to do most of my Chinese eating east of Broad, Chili Szechuan has earned a reputation for legit Chinese food in West Philly. With jellyfish, kidney, and duck lips on the menu,  Chili Szechuan is not catering to basics. I ordered take out from the 42nd and Chestnut Street location.

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Center City’s DanDan is Here

This week, siblings of Han of Han Dynasty fame opened a Szechuan- Taiwanese restaurant in Center City. I zoomed right in on the Taiwanese specialties, specifically the Taiwanese pork bun/hamburger which I have not encountered in Philly yet, but absolutely love. Sadly, they haven’t started making them yet- which means I already had a reason to come back before even trying the food.

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Crab Mac and Cheese Fried Dumplings from the Dump n Roll Truck

I first came in to contact with Peter from Dump n Roll when he was getting his truck started and wanted to know more about food vending opportunities. That’s how I knew this guy could hustle. The hustle is important in making it in the food truck world, especially as more newbs enter and less space is available (vending is not allowed on most streets in Center City).

Dump n Roll vends dumplings and spring rolls.  I told Peter the name of his truck might throw some people off- but I think he just wants to stand out.  I finally got to see Peter in action on Drexel’s campus and tried one of the specialty dumplings of the day.

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