Other Things I Ate This Week: Peking Duck and Bacon Gelato

 *new weekly feature for 2016: brief photo recaps + not lunch

This week, a post Chinese New Year’s dinner brought us to Ting Wong, where the dishes were spot on. I ordered the classics: wonton soup, chicken congee, fried dumplings, snow pea greens, beef chow fun, spicy fish fillet, stuffed tofu, and a Peking Duck, whose crispy skin and fluffy buns were a stand out.

Ting Wong, 138 N 10th St, 215 928-1883

At  Gran Caffe L’aquila, the pasta carbonara comes with a twist- bacon gelato. Its part of the savory gelato pairing section of the long menu and I like to dabble in when I eat there; on a past trip it was lamb skewers with mustard gelato.  Is it weird and gimmicky, yup, but I liked both. They also have meat stuffed olives on special for happy hour.

Gran Caffe L’aquila, 1716 Chestnut St, 215 568-5600


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