Chili Szechuan, Szechuan West of the River

While I tend to do most of my Chinese eating east of Broad, Chili Szechuan has earned a reputation for legit Chinese food in West Philly. With jellyfish, kidney, and duck lips on the menu,  Chili Szechuan is not catering to basics. I ordered take out from the 42nd and Chestnut Street location.


Fried dumplings were more what I associate as Americanized dumplings- not bad, just big, doughy, clumsy. I probably should have gone for the standard wonton in chili oil to truly test the Szechuan cooking.

 Flat noodles were used in the Dan Dan, which was a little different. The sauce had solid flavor and sufficient spice, but not a lot of minced pork.

Salt baked squid and shrimp came with big, fresh tasting pieces. It’s safe to say the take out order was not as crispy as it would have been had I dined in.
I think I should have gotten more adventurous with my order, and I would say Chili Szechuan seems worth a revisit. Where do you go for Chinese outside of Chinatown and Han Dynasty?

Chili Szechuan, 4626 Baltimore Ave, 215 662-0888 and 4205 Chestnut St, 267 787-5831


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  • Fettuccine Dan Dan? Somewhere a panda is crying.

    United has a direct flight from SFO to Chengdu now. Maybe sometime next year I’ll redeem some miles to get a Sichuan fix. Sweat tourism.

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