Crab Mac and Cheese Fried Dumplings from the Dump n Roll Truck

I first came in to contact with Peter from Dump n Roll when he was getting his truck started and wanted to know more about food vending opportunities. That’s how I knew this guy could hustle. The hustle is important in making it in the food truck world, especially as more newbs enter and less space is available (vending is not allowed on most streets in Center City).

Dump n Roll vends dumplings and spring rolls.  I told Peter the name of his truck might throw some people off- but I think he just wants to stand out.  I finally got to see Peter in action on Drexel’s campus and tried one of the specialty dumplings of the day.

Dumplings fall in to the classic or specialty category.  I tried the crab mac and cheese fried dumplings. Hot out of the fryer, these crispy triangles filled with macaroni and a whole lot of molten cheese were certainly a far trip from traditional dumplings. Just like Sisqo, I appreciate dumps like a truck (or from one).

I like that Dump n Roll is open to suggestions. Have you created the perfect dumpling in your head but need some help executing? Let Peter know.

Dump N Roll, check twitter for locations


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