Other Things I Ate This Week: The Elusive Jianbing

I recently sent a tweet about a special breakfast off menu item that we tried on my Chinatown Food Tour and I got a few emails and messages about where to find it. I don’t keep things secret, I am all about sharing the edible wealth. For the unfamiliar, Jian Bing is a popular street breakfast crepe in China. But it tastes good any time of day.

Find it on the Chinese breakfast menu at Szechuan Dim Sum, but they will serve it to you later in the day as well.

Szechuan Dim Sum Restaurant, 906 Arch Street, 215 922-5588


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  • That looks a whole lot better than the Jianbing truck that wanders into Midtown every so often. Probably cheaper, too, since the weak one I was served was $8 vegetarian, $11 with some “sausage” added.

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