Piles of Peppers at Szechaun Dim Sum Restaurant’s Grand Opening

Last week, Szechuan Dim Sum Restaurant opened at 9th and Arch,  taking over the Happy Restaurant space. Another newcomer attempts to make it in Chinatown. So new, that take out menus aren’t available yet. Don’t expect an Americanized menu over here, this crew is not afraid to dump a pile of peppers on you.

My favorite dish of the day was the wontons in garlic sauce ($5.95). The sweet, spicy, garlicy sauce covering the small pork wontons was a more complex version of the typical  spicy sauce found at other Szechaun places (and also on the menu here).

Wanting something noodley, the Szechuan style cold noodles ($5.95) are like a sesame, peanut, liang pi noodle mash up. Next time I might pick the hand made noodles with garlic sauce, since it comes with the sauce I enjoyed so much on the wontons.

Szechaun style spicy chicken will be a crowd pleaser if your group is not afraid of hot peppers ($15.95). Crunchy, boneless chicken pieces are tossed with a lifetime supply of red chilies, plus scallion and peanuts.  This is a dish that requires sharing and would also be improved with a side of beer.

This is how many chili peppers they used. Look at that bowl: intimidating, yet alluring. I think I found my spirit plant.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Amazing wontons
  • Spicy chicken platters

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Spice scares me

Szechuan Dim Sum Restaurant, 906 Arch Street, 215 922-5588



  • Aaah! Who pulled all the peppers out of the dish?

    That’s called Thousand-Chile Chicken on menus sometimes. I’ve never counted more than a few hundred, though.

  • I did! Once I was finished with most of the chicken and was taking the rest home in a smaller container. But also to see how much they used!

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    I do like spice, but I have to admit I’m not crazy about this dish, it’s usually way too dry.

    Jamie, have you tried the new Szechuan restaurant right under the arch? Their dishes aren’t bad at all and they put a unique spin on the standard lunch specials.

  • It wasn’t dry! And there was more than just aggressive spice flavoring it.

    Haven’t been to the place on the corner, will go soon. I am sad that China Restaurant, the place it replaced, is gone.

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