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Teriyaki Bowls from Tasty Toast in Point Breeze

Tasty Toast opened last summer in Point Breeze with a brunch centric menu. It’s a cute, welcoming space that seems to be well received by the neighborhood.

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Indonesian Noodles with a Side of Soup and a Chocolate Nutella Grilled Cheese from Lil Java

Lil Java impressed me over the summer with its Indonesian soups and chaotic appetizers. I didn’t get to try all the things on the small menu that day. In fact, one item in particular I purposely skipped- a grilled cheese topped with nutella and chocolate sauce. And that would be American cheese. Would I be brave enough to order it on my return trip?

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Indonesian Lamb Fried Rice

Indonesia Restaurant on Snyder is easily the least divey Indonesian food establishment in Philly. The last time I wrote about it was back in 2010. I enjoyed my meal but didn’t love all of the dishes recommended to me by the waiter. For this visit, I took complete charge of the ordering.

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Baked Snacks from Someone’s Grandpa’s House

You could easily walk by Vallari Brothers in South Philly and not notice it, the corner building is pretty run down and there is one small sign indicating there is anything being sold at all there. That is usually an indicator of a product that speaks for itself. Inside, there were bags of bread and rolls strewn around and not much for decor. We waited for an older gentleman to realize we had entered and asked him about the tomato pie advertised casually in the window.

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Filet Sandwiches from Nick’s Charcoal Pit, because not all Philly steak sandwiches are chopped

A few years ago, Luncher Zoe wrote about the char broiled meat sandwiches at Nick’s Charcoal Pit in South Philly by the Snyder Station. While in the area looking for a restaurant that I found out had closed, I saw the Nick’s sign, remembered her report,  and came up with my plan B.

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6 Packs and Spicy Raw Beef at Khmer Sweet Basil

Khmer Sweet Basil is a 6 month old Cambodian and Beer take out spot (with a pretty decent beer election). A combo that would only fit in South Philly. The small amount of seating required a take out order, but the real issue was the insanely long wait for our order. We were told everything is made fresh as we waited. Most customers stopping in were looking for beer. Maybe the kitchen wasn’t ready for food seeking customers? Read more »

Beef Stew Empanadas at Los Caballos Locos

I like to keep my finger on the pupusa  pulse of this town. Earlier this month, Philly Voice wrote a piece on the beauty that is the elusive (in Philly) pupusa, along with a round up of where to find them. The included 4 places on my list: TamalexCafe CanelaPura Vida,  El Cuscatleco, plus a Jersey spot, a North Philly food truck, and one newb that immediately caught my eye- Los Caballos Locos which opened in August. The small shop in south east Philly sells Ecuadorian and El Salvadorian food.  They also do delivery within a 10 mile radius!
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