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Indonesian Noodles with a Side of Soup and a Chocolate Nutella Grilled Cheese from Lil Java

Lil Java impressed me over the summer with its Indonesian soups and chaotic appetizers. I didn’t get to try all the things on the small menu that day. In fact, one item in particular I purposely skipped- a grilled cheese topped with nutella and chocolate sauce. And that would be American cheese. Would I be brave enough to order it on my return trip?

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Indonesian Lamb Fried Rice

Indonesia Restaurant on Snyder is easily the least divey Indonesian food establishment in Philly. The last time I wrote about it was back in 2010. I enjoyed my meal but didn’t love all of the dishes recommended to me by the waiter. For this visit, I took complete charge of the ordering.

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Another Corner Indonesian Steam Table at Ramayana

What is it the draws me to the little Indonesian food spots around town? Probably the bold flavors and cheap prices. Here is harder question: why are all Indonesian restaurants located on corners? Sky Cafe- corner. Hardena, Cafe Pendawa Lima, Lil Java, Indonesia Restaurant- all corners! Curious, right? Or do you just care what I ordered?

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Fried Meatball Soup from Lil Java

There can never be too many little South Philly Indonesian corner restaurants. Lil Java is one of the latest, with burgers and some American breakfast items to lure less adventurous eaters in.

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Cafe Pendawa Lima Takes Care of Your Indonesian Snack Needs

Cafe Pendawa Lima is a little intimidating; the few barred windows do not allow you to peak inside to know what you are getting yourself in to. Its ok though, you can do it! I’ll help get you acclimated. And its ok to ask questions once inside.

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Your Neighborhood Indonesian Spot: Sky Cafe for Goo Skewers and Orgy Platters

Sky Cafe is a small Indonesian restaurant in South Philly. I must really like Indonesian food, since I have loved all the Philly Indonesian restaurants I have been to so far. I like that they all have their own personalities. Hardena is the mom’s kitchen, Indonesia Restaurant is the most white person friendly, Java Colonial is the Indonesian diner, and Sky Cafe is the neighborhood spot. And at Sky, no menu item is over $8.

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Check Out My Guest Post On Zagat: Hidden Global Lunches

This week I contributed my 2 cents to Zagat with a list of 6 global lunches that are not visible from the street. Check it out! Full reviews for each spot are on Midtown Lunch, so check back here for the full report.