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Other Things I Ate This Week: Pre Passover Matzah Ball Soup & H Mart Treats

Allergies have got me coughing pretty much non stop. I desperately needed matzah ball soup earlier this week and would have had to wait until the weekend to get some from mom. In a sleep, itchy haze I stopped at Marathon (19th and Spruce) of all places and ordered their matzah ball soup to go ($5.50). The crazier thing, it was pretty good! Fluffy, light matzah ball and well seasoned soup.

Marathon, 1839 Spruce St, 215 731 0800

For a dinner party, I stopped at the sushi kiosk at H-Mart’s food court for a few rolls. They never dissapoint, with fresh seafood and very very fair prices.

I also picked up jajungmien at my usual spot, Mandu Roo, but got it as a combo with an amazing spicy seafood soup (all about that soup this week) for $8!!!! This is probably one of the best lunch combos to exist in Philly.

H-Mart, Upper Darby Terminal Square

Indonesian Lamb Fried Rice

Indonesia Restaurant on Snyder is easily the least divey Indonesian food establishment in Philly. The last time I wrote about it was back in 2010. I enjoyed my meal but didn’t love all of the dishes recommended to me by the waiter. For this visit, I took complete charge of the ordering.

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Got the White Girl Version at Cafe Pho Ga Thanh Thanh

Cafe Pho Ga Thanh Thanh is Kensington’s spot for one thing- pho ga, Vietnamese chicken broth and rice noodle soup. Small bowls are $8 and can come with a medley of dark meat and other chicken parts, or, as was offered to me- with just plain ol’ white meat. I don’t love skin and bone in my soup and was not ashamed to accept their Americanized soup. Sorry not sorry.

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Talula’s Daily Has a Secret Ingredient and Fairy Friendly Tea

If I lived closer to Talula’s Daily it would be dangerous. The changing menu always hosts a few irresistible items, both savory and sweet. But, I am not often in the Washington Square Park area, so I  used that as an excuse to do an indulgent sampling of treats.

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Beef Sate Stew at Viet Huong

Whenever I think to stop at Pho and Cafe Viet Huong, its always to pick up some summer rolls and whatever fried snacks offered at the counter that day.  It took me about 5 years to actually eat a sit down meal here.

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Honduran Fried Pastries at Moctezuma

We all know the Italian Market is 50% the Mexican Market, and I don’t mind, I like it all. But, when there is something even slightly more “novel,” I am all about it. Thus, when I noticed Moctezuma at 9th and Washington served Honduran along with the standard Mexican menu, I immediately stopped my produce shopping and went inside.

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South Philly Barbacoa is Beyond

This should be your lunch plan for tomorrow. Only open Friday-Sunday, South Philly Barbacoa recently moved from weekend cart oasis in South Philly to an  Isaiah Zagar decorated space at 11th and Morris- 2 blocks away from where the cart used to be parked.  Like the cart, the main offerings are barbacoa and pancita tacos, the former = slow cooked lamb, the later = organy, lamb loose sausage. I wimped out on the pancita, but I eagerly watched my lamb pieces get pulled apart and placed in the taco for me.

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