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Other Things I Ate This Week: Live Seafood & Nutella Cannoli

 *new weekly feature for 2016: brief photo recaps + not lunch

I don’t even usually like cannolis, but a sugar craving led me to Cafe Crema in the Italian Market for a chocolate and nutella cannoli that blew my mind.

Cafe Crema, 1205 S 9th St, 267 928-4501

At Imli Indian Kitchen on E Passyunk, I was really impressed by their butter naan. Chicken tikka and chicken thigh kebabs are other good choices.

Imli, 769 E Passyunk Ave, 267 858-4277

In a different state, I did some more adventurous eating.

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Other Things I Ate This Week: Tacos Around Town, Sometimes on Tuesdays (NoLibs, GradHo, Italian Market)

 *new weekly feature for 2016: brief photo recaps + not lunch

I have been eating a LOT of tacos lately (I also made some great ones) and though none have been mind blowing, I wanted to recap. Because you only deserve mind blowing and should make informed taco decisions. Plus if you make it to the end, I provide a list of my all time favorites.

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Honduran Fried Pastries at Moctezuma

We all know the Italian Market is 50% the Mexican Market, and I don’t mind, I like it all. But, when there is something even slightly more “novel,” I am all about it. Thus, when I noticed Moctezuma at 9th and Washington served Honduran along with the standard Mexican menu, I immediately stopped my produce shopping and went inside.

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Sarcone’s Meatball Hoagie

Pretty much every time I visit Sarcone’s Deli, I order some rendition of an Italian Hoagie. The layers of high quality meat and cheese on that beautiful bread are too perfect to resist. But a hot, saucy sandwich on a cold day seemed like it could be a nice change of pace.

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Paesano’s Meatloaf Parmesan Sandwich is basically a really good Meatball Sub

Paesano’s makes some of the best  sandwiches I have had in Philly. The attention to layering of flavors, the original sandwich spreads, and the brazen use of meats (fried livers?) make the difference. Having tried a whole bunch of what Paesano’s has to offer, when I saw a sandwich I didn’t recognize at the Italian Market location, I had to try it.

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$2 Tamales from Lupita’s Grocery Store

While buying cheap artichokes, radishes by the pound, and bunches of leeks in the Italian market,  I saw a sign on a Mexican grocery for some homemade tamales. Tamales are perfect for taking to work, they are already wrapped up and easy to reheat in the microwave. Way less embarrassing than hot pockets.

Inside Lupita’s, its a flurry of all things; juices, cheese, chips, an ATM, jeans, and a shrine for prayer.

Italian Market Lunching at Nina’s Trattoria

Nina’s Trattoria is a casual Italian restaurant located in the Italian Market. Probably more thought of as a place for dinner, they are open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch as well. Expect an every day brunch menu, plus a shortened list of Italian plates from the dinner menu.

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