Sarcone’s For The Bready Pre-Passover Last Meal

We’ve all played the game of imagining our last meal on earth, though we hope the time for such a feast is far far away. Every year however, I plan out my last meal. My last meal before  I am without bread, pasta, and most good carbs for a whole week because of Passover. This year it was easy, I knew my perfect “last meal” had to involve the Philly King of Bread- Sarcone’s.

Sarcone’s supplies bread to many of Philly’s best restaurant, but all I cared about was getting stuffing some of it into my face before sundown. I called my order in ahead to cut down on wait time since I figured that sitting in small bakery with all the bready smells might drive me crazy. But, to make your experience even more pleasant Sarcone’s has a webcam to show you what the crowd is like AND a waiting room next door equipped with a rocking horse.

I wanted the right fixings to fill up that seeded, perfectly crusted sliced Italian loaf. The Italian had all of my favorites: prosciutto, hot capacola, hard salami, provolone, oil, vinegar, lettuce, tomato (hold the onion). I got the medium for $6.50. I couldn’t finish both halves of it.

Besides the bread and the quality of the meats there are other details that make Sarcone’s sandwiches legendary. The cheese is cut 2 ways and placed inside the sandwiches, sliced and in chunks. While other Italian delis go heavy handed on the oil, Sarcone’s has a light touch, ensuring the main ingredients do not get overpowered.

Really, any of the deli meat combo sandwiches would have been perfect for the salty meat+bread combo I needed. The Sarcone’s Special, for example, cuts out the other cured meats to lean on prosciutto and peppers.

Either one was just what the Rabbi ordered…. (No that is not even a little true, all of the cured pork would not fly. The idiosyncrasies of this semi-practicing Jew are admittedly hypocritical and all over the place.)

Now the next burning question is- where will I break my bread fast?

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Best bread in the city
  • Classic Italian deli meat sandwiches that are huge and fairly priced

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I am on the Atkin’s Diet

Sarcone’s, 758 S 9th Street, 215 922-0445



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    Hilarious! Gotta get a pork-filled sandwich in before observing Passover lol…but I get it. Lent observers don’t make any sense to me, either. Why is God such a stickler when it comes to my diet on super specific dates???

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    lmao…I’m pretty sure Jesus (savior or not) died so that I can eat any combination of delicious animal meat and cheese/bread I so desire on any day of the year. At least that’s what I like to tell myself. When I’m in line at John’s Roast Pork.

  • Sarcones was a good call. I went to Primo Hoagies and ordered a Bada Bing (Chicken Cutlet & Sharp Provolone Topped with Fresh Broccoli Rabe) to satisfy my bread craving before the first seder.

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