Talula’s Daily Has a Secret Ingredient and Fairy Friendly Tea

If I lived closer to Talula’s Daily it would be dangerous. The changing menu always hosts a few irresistible items, both savory and sweet. But, I am not often in the Washington Square Park area, so I  used that as an excuse to do an indulgent sampling of treats.

Not a coffee person, I liked the sound of the lavender green tea latte. Made with real lavender and the right level of sweetness, this tasted like something fairies would drink at a tea party under a giant mushroom.

Alongside it, the cheese plate with 3 types of cheeses, honey, and nuts would also work at a fairy tea party. The mini pumpkin croissants would too, but I preferred the more normal sized, bacon and cheese filled croissant.

To add to this medley of tastes, we went for the season soup selection. Which, like anything else at Talula’s Daily, can be heated for you. I was pretty sure I would like the artichoke soup and its perfect fairy nail polish color, but I was not prepared for how complex a soup this little cafe was putting out for the world. Besides artichokes, this creamy soup is made with white beans, garlic, fennel, and the game changer- olives. I have never thought about incorporating olives in to soup, but I will now. Olive this idea.

Talula’s Daily, 208 W Washington Sq, 215 592-6555



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