H-Mart Noodles and Pupusas: The State of Upper Darby Terminal Square in June 2015

The area around H-Mart in Upper Darby’s Terminal Square, including the H-Mart food court, is one of my favorite blocks for dining. With the presence of so many different types of cuisines next door to each other, it should be yours too. The problem though, is the high turnover rate. A favorite restaurant might be gone the next time you return.  But that only means an adventure awaits every time you visit. For your dining convenience, I present to you the current state of the block….

H-Mart is one of my favorite places for grocery shopping. I always find something fun in their freezers and am impressed by the impeccable seafood section.  The best part though, is being able to take a lunch break at the food court upstairs.

H-Mart food court has remained consistent for the past few years with 3 Korean stalls, a bakery, and a sushi spot. My go to is the jjajangmyun from Mandu Roo. Whether I eat it immediately, or get it to go, I am not leaving Upper Darby without these black bean coated noodles. Make sure to mix well.

Two stalls down, Jian Korean Food makes a simple, spicy kimchi jjigae.

Sa Bai Dee is still open, serving Thai and Loatian. Piggy Cafe, a kid friendly Asian fusion bakery and crepe place is closed. Ying Yang Express is now a Chinese restaurant with a lot of Americanized Chinese food and some Szechuan dishes.

El Sabroso and La Casa de las Empanadas are closed but you can get your pupusa and empanada fix at El Cuscatleco, which serves Mexican, Honduran, and Salvadorean food. The empanadas are better than the pupusas.

Inka Wall has moved to a subterranean location a few doors down from where it used to be on the square and now has a full bar with delicious piso sours.

Do you dine at Terminal Square? Do you love it as much as I do?

H-Mart and its neighbors, Upper Darby Terminal Square


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