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Beef Stew Empanadas at Los Caballos Locos

I like to keep my finger on the pupusa  pulse of this town. Earlier this month, Philly Voice wrote a piece on the beauty that is the elusive (in Philly) pupusa, along with a round up of where to find them. The included 4 places on my list: TamalexCafe CanelaPura Vida,  El Cuscatleco, plus a Jersey spot, a North Philly food truck, and one newb that immediately caught my eye- Los Caballos Locos which opened in August. The small shop in south east Philly sells Ecuadorian and El Salvadorian food.  They also do delivery within a 10 mile radius!
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Guatemalan and Mexican To Go at Cafe Canela

Photo via James Jennings for Passyunk Post

Over the winter, Cafe Canela opened in the Lower Moyamensing neighborhood.  Appearing as another Mexican take out spot at first glance, a careful read of the menu suggested a Guatemalan chef in that kitchen.

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Shore Eats: Mango Tropical

If you are a lucky duck (like me), then you have a friend with a place in Atlantic City. Free beach time is kind of the best. I recently spent some much needed post-Bar recovery time there. It is a little tricky to find really good and affordable eats in the area. I am not willing to drop my Benjamin’s at a P.F. Changs, not gonna happen. But tucked away in the corners, are some spots for a meal I can get behind- like the Caribbean/South American food from Mango Tropical.

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Wandering Wednesdays: Contender For Philly’s Best Pork at El Fogon

As I mentioned last week, I am in exploration mode, focusing on Northeast Philly with a different post ever Wednesday for the next few weeks. This week, it is a crazy little Latin American food shack where I may have had the best roast pork in Philly.

Finding “El Fogon, El Rey de los Pinchos” was a matter of driving around maybe not the nicest of neighborhoods (across the street was a functional elliptical machine facing the street next to a trailer home) and yelling “STOP! That place looks like it could be awesome.” I wanted those pinchos.

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Get Piles of Nicaraguan and Mexican Meat at El Gallo Pinto

When Drew Lazor reported that  a South Philly grocery store was serving Nicaraguan food I was immediately excited, having spent some time there 2 years ago. How I forgot that it existed for so many months is very upsetting, shame on me.  But somehow it popped in to my head and I found myself heading to the back of El Gallo Pinto to place my order.

After facing blank stares when trying to order vigaron, a typical Nicaraguan dish, I found out that the original Nicaraguan owner sold the business a few month ago to people who are from Mexico. So now the menu has been narrowed, with less popular Nicaraguan dishes being ousted and Mexican food added. This barely posed a problem and I was able to order a ridiculous amount of Mexican and Nicaraguan food.

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