Teriyaki Bowls from Tasty Toast in Point Breeze

Tasty Toast opened last summer in Point Breeze with a brunch centric menu. It’s a cute, welcoming space that seems to be well received by the neighborhood.

Skipping over the eggs, salads, and burgers- I ordered a teriyaki rice bowl. I picked chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, and spinach. My rice bowl ($10) came with a generous amount of the proteins and vegetables and a perfect amount of sauce. While I don’t love the super small sized shrimp, I appreciated each shrimp here got a turn on the griddle. I was more impressed by the greaseless chicken katsu pieces.

I would return to Tasty Toast for the creamed chipped beef or the chicken and waffles, and would also recommend the katsu rice bowl as an easy lunch in this area. The owner cares about her business and has decorated it with cactus plants from around the country. I had to take a little guy home for myself.

Tasty Toast,  1320 Point Breeze Avenue,  (215) 465-1040


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