Blue Belly BBQ Platters

I visited Blue Belly Bbq a little while back and enjoyed the food I was served. Immediately after, the whole twitter/yelp incident went down and I was hesitant to write about it until the air cleared. But it seems apologies were made and I am ok talking just about what I ate there.

Platters are around $15 dollars each and come with 3 sides. Sandwiches are a few dollars less. For my first visit, I went all out, sticking with the platters.

The sausage platter was a trio; including a cheesy spicy link and most memorably, a unique  juniper scented link. All 3 were extremely flavorful sausages, that even held up compared to the rest of the meaty offerings.

A hunk of berkshire pork belly was small but intensely rich. The picture actually makes it look a bit smaller than it was. Half of the hunk consisted of melty fat that I had little guilt about finishing.

On special were meaty, smokey beef ribs. They could have used a more multi-dimensional flavor, but I liked that they weren’t overcooked and there was still some teeth rippage needed.

We were able to try most of the side dishes. The corn cakes were probably my favorite, I guess its their version of arepas. Arepas can sometimes get dry and these were not at all, kept moist by the pieces of corn. The mac and cheese was not too heavily cheesy, which is smart because it could be too rich when paired with such dense meat. The potato salad was also light, which again, I appreciated.  Bacony brussel sprouts and braised collard greens were both smokey. The baked beans were pretty tomatoey and had a hint of cinnamon and came with a pork cracking on top, as if we didn’t get enough meat.

I could have used a little pickley something on the side for some acidity, but I was told they actually have recently started doing just that. Next visit, sandwiches. Does anyone have a favorite?

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Great sausages, pork belly, and sides

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Most plates and sandwiches are over $10

Blue Belly BBQ, 600 Catherine  St, 215-238-0615


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