At Cleavers, Come for the Giant Branded Sandwiches, Stay for the Beer (aka Just Because I’m Off Bread & Beer For Passover Doesn’t Mean You Need to Be)

Cleavers, a the sandwich and shake spot, opened a few months ago to replace the burgers and shake spot, Good Stuff Eatery. The layout and concept is similar, order at the counter and use the upstairs floor if you’d like to dine in. Cheesesteaks and chicken cutlet sandwiches make up most of the menu, all hovering around $10

Be assured that all sandwiches are huge, as in easily two meals worth, and be assured they will be branded with the Cleavers name on the side- a fun feature. The cheesesteaks are hearty, with good quality meat and ample cheese, though I was missing a bit of that salty greasiness that the classic Philly joints bring.

They do sides well here, I had problems not stealing all of my friend’s  mozzarella moons and waffle fries. Shakes are also good, but what is particularly more than good is the really really cheap craft beer- like Golden Monkey (9.5% abv) for $3.50 cheap. Cleavers may be your new favorite place to get drunk.

 Cleavers, 108 S. 18th St, 215.515.3828



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