Matt & Marie’s Finally Brings Italian Sandwiches to Arch Street

Matt & Marie’s opened this week at 2 Logan Square, bringing a simple menu of 7 sandwiches, all $8.50, to the busy workers in the area. It is surprising to me how few solid sandwich options there are in this area. Besides Wawa and other sandwich chains, which most likely have a ton of chemicals/preservatives in their products, there are no options. Not that I am too good for a Wawa hoagie. I am not, I regularly crave the horseradish mayo spread.

With a succinct menu and semi- preformed sandwiches to go along with the succinct menu, Matt & Marie’s is running a tight ship. Which makes sense, given that their business model advanced them to the finals of a Wharton business competition.   The sandwich makers even explain the ingredients as the finish them behind the counter.  Once we were seated, we were asked by a pleasant staff member how we were enjoying everything.

I tried the salami centric Italian (salami is one of my favorite things); Genoa salami, fennel salami, sweet coppa, local sharp provolone,  and housemade sweet pickled peppers and pepperoncini aïoli. The sandwich was not huge and did not have gargantuan meat portions, which could bother those used to Wawa’s value, but that suited me fine because it tasted damn good and it was obvious that the meats were better quality. I usually leave roasted peppers off my hoagies because I am not crazy about the flavor, but the bright pickled peppers were an excellent touch here.

I like this place; it serves higher quality sandwiches while being simple and attentive. Something to note,  there were a lot of attractive business men here during lunch time, if you are in to that sort of thing…not that I was looking, or was I… sandwiches are good!


THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • High quality sandwiches served quickly, right in Center City
  • Small menu makes choosing easy, plus vegetarian options

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I expect a much larger sandwich for $9 post tax

Matt & Marie’s, 2 Logan Square, 267 273 1940


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