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Pizza Thursday Finale: The Philly Prizzasteak

My ears perked up like a hungry little puppy when Lunch’er Mwinston mentioned the South St Special in the forums, or as I like to call it “The Philly Prizzasteak”. I don’t often like to eat things just to say I did, but there was something special behind this Philly centric concept. I can’t take credit for this monster combo, but I am excited to share it with ML readers and I hope you are horrified and delighted with what our stomachs accomplished. Here is what went down…

Pizza + pretzel+ cheesesteak

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Pizza Thursday Week 4: A Sober Story

This week I decided to check out 2 places that are popular spots for late night non-sober snacking. How would they fare during the light of day? In this corner of the ring we have Mama Angelina’s, a late night favorite due to its proximity to the subway and the fact that it is open until 2 on the weekends. In the other corner, 13th St Pizza, also offering late night hours, affectionately known in the area as Gay pizza, being across the street from the gay bar Woody’s.

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Pizza Thursday Week 3: Goat Cheese and Bacon Slice @ Slice

I had to check out Slice in Rittenhouse next; comments from both Pizza Week 1 and Week 2 mentioned Slice as a top Philly pizza destination. The original location on 10th and Federal is a bit out of the way, but the newer spot is conveniently located at 17th and Sansom. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the smell- mmmm olive oil and garlic. Very promising.

Disclosure: For some reason, there is always free pizza in law school. Free food is so hard to say no to. Consequently, I am getting sick of pizza. And for that reason, I couldn’t bring myself to order another plain slice over at Slice in Rittenhouse. Not when there was a goat cheese, bacon, caramelized onion slice staring right at me.

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Pizza Thursday Week 2: Pine Street Smack Down


This week for Pizza Thursday we have a smack down on Pine Street, Paolo’s vs. Pine St Pizza. 2 local pizzerias a a few blocks away from each other, both with $2 slices and very different styles. Paolo’s (above) has more of a pleasing atmosphere than Pine St (below) but whose slice will prevail?

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Pizza Thursday Week 1: NYPD Pizza

This week I asked the forums about the best pizza places in Philly but didn’t get much of a response… so I had to take matters into my own hands. For the next few weeks, Thursday will be Pizza Thursday-  a different pizza joint every week until I feel satisfied we have uncovered the most delicious pizza options.  I intend to try a regular slice at each place, plus one other that strikes my fancy.

For consistency, the pizza will be assessed on the following categories:

  • Temperature
  • Cheese
  • Sauce
  • Crust

For week 1 I went to NYPD pizza, a place I have often walked by but never went in, mostly because I didn’t love the idea of  a Philly pizza place pretending to be all New Yorkish. But all of the Best of Philly awards hanging on the wall had to be justified, right?

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