I ate the Popeyes Chicken Waffle Tenders

I don’t really eat fast food. I didn’t grow up eating it; there were way better thing to eat in Queens. During law school I went to Wendy’s about 4 times when I was starving and at the library at midnight. Sometimes advertising works, as was the case when I passed Popeyes and saw the ad for chicken waffle tenders; chicken tenders, in a waffle batter. I couldn’t stop myself from trying it.

I ended up getting a few tenders with cajun fries and a biscuit. It was all about $4. The batter was not crispy at all and has an artificial sweetness that did not need the maple dipping sauce it came with. Honey mustard from my fridge was far better. I would recommend that others refrain from impulsively ordering this product based on the pictures and clever gimmick. Good thing they are only available for a limited time. On the flip side, the cajun fries and biscuit were hella good.

Popeyes, 901 Market St &  801 Broad St


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