I Want to Go To There

Over on the newly launched Midtown Lunch: Philly, Jamie just posted about some Turkish spot that serves manti. A totally different dish than East Asian manty (like the ones I had at Gan Eden two weeks ago), Turkish manti are tiny and served topped with yogurt sauce.  Anybody know where we can get this in Midtown for under $10?  Looks amazing…


  • Think Jamie needs to buckle-down and get cracking on her Con Law homework. :>

  • not really midtown, but close enough – Ali Baba in Murray Hill does a good rendition, it’s a huge portion and nice and lamby.

    - manti-lover

  • Are they totally a different dish really? I’m guessing Gan Eden just avoids yogurt-meat combos because it’s a kosher joint, but I’ve had Kazakh versions where the yogurt was in full force.

    That said, I sadly can’t help you with where to find them in midtown. Maybe there’s a decent pelmeni out there somewhere?

  • @steveroller – it’s the same in that they are both meat filled dumplings… but they are spelled differently. And the East Asian version are very large, whereas the Turkish version are very small. I’m guessing it’s like comparing a bowl of tortellini to 6 gigantic ravioli.

  • Fair enough, those are little chubbers. As long as they all get in my belly as quickly as possible.

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    Not in midtown, unfortunately, but Zeytin on the UWS has amazing manti. They might even deliver to some parts of midtown, not sure.

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