Cute Manti at S&H Kebab House


While strolling down South St, a sign advertising Turkish lunch specials caught my eye. A quick glance at the menu made me thankful I stopped. Choices for lunch include a variety of kebabs, but there were four non-kebab items that really tempted me; stuffed cabbage, moussaka, zucchini pancakes, and most tempting of all: manti. Manti are little Turkish lamb dumplings that are topped with a minted yogurt sauce. Something about that combination is so tantalizing that this is often my go to dish at a Turkish restaurant, though I can’t say I have ever had it for lunch before. As soon as my eyes zoomed in on manti on the menu, I was sold.

It got even better from here, when I was informed I got to choose a soup with it. The choices were lentil or lamb and being a meat-loving gal, the lamb was an easy choice.


Unlike my Rangoon soup experience, this was no afterthought. Tender bits of lamb floated in a tangy tomato garlic broth. I was told the the lamb shoulder used for the soup is cooked for 4 and a half hours. This lunch was off to a good start.

IMG_2272I tore into my plate of manti and thought to myself how darn cute those little guys were. I liked EVERYTHING about this dish, the dough was just right and the meat inside added a savory contrast to  the yogurt sauce, which had the perfect balance of mint and garlic.  The portion was generous, and a side of pita, though kinda dry, is much improved after a dip in that yogurt sauce. After tax, the lunch comes to $9.95. I will have to stop by this place for lunch again, though it will be really hard to forgo the manti and try something new.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I like dumplings and am interested in trying the Turkish version.
  • Slow cooked lamb soup sounds delicious!
  • I  enjoy a hint of spice in my meals,
  • They deliver and have an online ordering system,

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I wish the pita was not so dry…
  • Yogurt sauce scares me!

S & H Kebab House, 611 E. Passyunk Ave (btw. South St. + Bainbridge St.), 267 639 3214



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