A Year of L.A. Lunching in One Gigantic Photo

It’s become an end of the year custom here on Midtown Lunch for me to compile every single photo of every single lunch I ate all year long in one gigantic photo. I’ve come to believe that how you view this piece of art horrific display of gluttony can tell you a little bit about yourself. If you look at the photo and think “That’s freakin’ AWESOME” then you are probably a bona fide Midtown Lunch’er. If you look at it and think “Urgh, that is freakin’ disgusting” then you are likely much skinnier than I am (congrats on that.) And if you look at the photo and it just makes you worry for my health, then you might be my mother (especially if it makes you simultaneously think “I really wish Zach had gone to law school.”)

Anyway, enough chat- onto the fat.  Every single lunch I ate in 2010 (from Spicy BBQ to ) in one gigantic photo, after the jump…

Thanks for a great first year in Los Angeles… and see you in 2011!

2009 Photo
The 2008 Photo
The 2007 Photo
The 2006 Photo



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