How to Eat Your Way Through Coachella…

Are you in there Kris Yenbamroong?

If you’re at all curious about the food at Coachella this year, I’ll be eating my through the festival this weekend over on Food is the New Rock an an official Tumblr site for the festival.  Night+Market, Sugarfish, Baco Mercat and Mexicali Taco & Co are just a few of the L.A. vendors added to the festival this year in an effort to up their food game, but I’m sure I’ll also be able to find space for a slice of Spicy Pie, crab fries and a corn dog.  Follow along at 



  • Headline is referring to the denim Daisy Dukes on the left, yes?

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    They are famous for their Spicy Pie. If I do my assignment on time I am definitely in this food game!

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