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Did TD Bank Get Inspired by Midtown Lunch? Probably Not: Honored doesn't really cover how we felt yesterday to see Robert Sietsema wondering on Fork in the Road if the folks at TD Bank were finding their advertising inspiration on the pages of Midtown Lunch.  Sadly, Andrea points out on the Downtown section of the site why they probably didn't.  Thanks Andrea, but we'll stick to believing what Robert wrote! And TD Bank, we'll take our royalties in the form of kofta sandwiches.

Lunch & Schvitz: Mamacita's strip club lunch at Rick's Cabaret was long ago inducted into the Midtown Lunch hall of fame, but today our Downtown section might have found something that tops it... the Russian Turkish Bath & Restaurant. Their lunch specials are $2 over the ML price range, but clearly it's worth it>>

XPL and Hot Soup Are Goooood: The Downtown section of ML has been on a street food tear this week, and you might recognize their past two cart lunches. Yesterday Kevin wrote about the branch of XPL on Wall St. & Pearl, and today Chris waxes poetic about the Hot Soup Cart (which serves the same soup you get from the carts up here.)

Elsewhere in Midtown Lunch’ing…

If you haven’t been following along with Midtown Lunch: Los Angeles, Philly, & Downtown NYC you’ve been missing out! Jamie found Indian tacos from a truck in Philly, Kevin found a good spot for soups and sandwiches on Reade St., and I had my first taste of L.A. ramen (with extra back fat, naturally.) Plus if you’re a fan of the ML Profiled Lunch’er posts you have to check out today’s inaugural profiled lunchers post on the L.A. site. (Spoiler: It’s a double dose of awesomeness- and they love street food to boot!)