Does TD Bank’s Ad Agency Owe This Site Some Thanks?

Kofta Hero

Kofta sandwich from Little Morocco: One of many varieties in this city.

Yesterday it came to our attention that TD Bank has a new ad up in the subway touting the fact that you can get a kofta sandwich from a truck in this city. Well, Robert Sietsema over at Village Voice food blog Fork in the Road wonders if perhaps the ad writers cribbed from Midtown Lunch to come up with this copy. As flattering as that thought is, all you’d have to do is troll Twitter or Google a bit to come up with that particular mobile food item.


Sietsema did his own online search and surmised that the only truck selling Moroccan kofta sandwiches was Marrakech Chefs. That may be true, but Marrakech Chefs disappeared from the scene in mid-2011 after regularly parking at Water & Old Slip, and then up in Soho. According to one of their last tweets, it seems the food truck crackdown by the police in the Hudson & King area back then may have done the truck in.

A better guess? When I saw the words “Moroccan” and “truck” my first thought turned to Comme Ci Comme Ca which is far more visible (and still in business), or perhaps even Bistro Truck. There’s also the Ambizza Cafe truck which sells kofta sandwiches, although I’m not sure they’re Moroccan.

Those are just the ones downtown. There’s also the Little Morocco cart up in Midtown that serves the kofta sandwich in the photo before the jump.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it’s great thinking a large Canadian bank is aware of Midtown Lunch (or Downtown Lunch), but doubtful they did more research beyond thinking of an exotic sounding meat sandwich and rolling with it.


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