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Does TD Bank’s Ad Agency Owe This Site Some Thanks?

Kofta Hero

Kofta sandwich from Little Morocco: One of many varieties in this city.

Yesterday it came to our attention that TD Bank has a new ad up in the subway touting the fact that you can get a kofta sandwich from a truck in this city. Well, Robert Sietsema over at Village Voice food blog Fork in the Road wonders if perhaps the ad writers cribbed from Midtown Lunch to come up with this copy. As flattering as that thought is, all you’d have to do is troll Twitter or Google a bit to come up with that particular mobile food item.

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Basmati Royale At Comme Ci Comme Ca Is A Festival Of Meats

There are days when I’m fine with eating a meatless lunch and others when greasy meat, preferably from a cart or truck, is all that I want. Since you’ve all been raving about the Comme Ci, Comme Ca truck in the forums I decided that was my destination of choice on their usual Monday stop in the Financial District. Several items have already been sampled on the midtown site, like the chicken over rice and merguez. Both of these sounded great, so I did what any self-respecting carnivore would do and got them all in the $10 “basmati royale” platter. Read more »