Basmati Royale At Comme Ci Comme Ca Is A Festival Of Meats

There are days when I’m fine with eating a meatless lunch and others when greasy meat, preferably from a cart or truck, is all that I want. Since you’ve all been raving about the Comme Ci, Comme Ca truck in the forums I decided that was my destination of choice on their usual Monday stop in the Financial District. Several items have already been sampled on the midtown site, like the chicken over rice and merguez. Both of these sounded great, so I did what any self-respecting carnivore would do and got them all in the $10 “basmati royale” platter.

This meat extravaganza is the most expensive item on the menu and contains chicken, beef brochette, merguez and kofta over basmati rice with some lettuce thrown in to counteract all that greasy protein. There was a lot of chicken (on the far left), four or five piece of beef (bottom right), a couple of kofta that looked like mini burgers and two merguez sausages. If the price puts you off, you could easily split this with someone and still be pretty full.

I haven’t had their items over couscous or the sandwiches, but the rice was one of the best parts of this meal, and not just because it was seasoned with the grease from all of these meats. Speaking of the protein part of lunch, I’d have to say that the chicken was the best out of all of them, with the kofta coming in a close second. The beef was a bit too chewy and dry for my taste and the merguez…well it was lamb sausage. Regardless, the chicken was well-seasoned and juicy and if I were to eat at this truck again this would be what I ordered.

Comme Ci, Comme Ca Truck, in the Financial District on Mondays, find the location on Twitter


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