Kolette’s Extra: Best Chocolate Rugelach in Midtown?

Chocolate Rugelach

Forgot to mention this in my chicken shawarma sandwich post about Kolette’s (on Lex. btw. 55+56th)- which was actually just a pre-game! My intial Kolette’s Kitchen curiosity was piqued by this mention of their chocolate and cinnamon rugelach in the forums last week. As a person who would prefer taking a long lunch and heading up to Greenberg’s rather than eat most of Midtown’s rugelach offerings, this allegation had to be investigated.

One look tells you these rugelach are hand-made. Each is unique in form, and that form is packed with chocolate goodness. They’re not made fresh on site, but the soft doughy insides let me know that they weren’t sitting around all that long. I like the addition of cinnamon, it’s just enough to play off the chocolate and makes the rugelach seem a little exotic. I haven’t run across many with that flavor combination at all. At 75¢ a pop, these make a nice little mid-afternoon dessert snack.

Kolette’s Kitchen, 672 Lexington (btw. 55+56th), (212) 593-2222


  • i am sure if these were sold at a street dessert cart, the price would be like $2 each piece.

  • it doesnt look like your typical rugelah, but i will be trying.

  • That’s a rugelach? Looks like a lump of deep fried lard.

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    Will be giving this a try. Hopefully no raisins. A proper cinnamon rugelach shouldn’t contain raisins.

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    I stopped in last night after work and they had some that were fresh out of the oven that were awesome. Lots of sweet, cinnamon, gooey goodness.

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    I got 4 – for stress-eating purposes. They’re delicious! The only chocolate rugelach I’ve eaten are from costco – and these are a gazillion times much better.

  • i love this place…had 3 of the sandwiches: bbq chicken, chicken shwarma, and the “classic” veggie terrine w/ turkey…all awesome. Rugelach is very good too. Dr. Brown’s is also in stock. My only complaint is that $7-$8 for banh mi is sacrilege after subsisting for many years on Lee’s Sandwiches ($2.25 at the time, albeit slightly smaller)…gotta pay the rabbi though.

    With the Moroccan truck around the corner and Korilla (if the lines ever thin out), this corner of midtown is getting some great lunch places.

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