More Soom Soom Opens on 46th

SoomSoom brought pretty tasty falafel to Lexington Avenue last year. We had mentioned that they were planning on opening a second Midtown location near Fifth Avenue and the time has come. In fact, the new location (which is sort of hidden on 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth) opened yesterday. There’s no sign on the building (yet?), but some glass windows and a board outside featuring their falafel and salad bar pitas. Looks like they’re attempting to give the nearby¬†Kosher Deluxe a run for their menu.

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    Just went there for the first time and am loving the potato “burekasabich” I brought back to my desk (sabich sandwich made with a sliced-open bureka). Salad bar toppings also great. They’re giving out free falafel balls at the store right now.

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