Mid-Mid-Midtown Dos Toros Plywood Spotted

Guess what I spotted??

Dos Toros plywood!

Where it was and another fantastic pic, after the jump.

I’m pretty sure this went up yesterday or Monday, because I walk past almost daily — on 52nd between 5th and 6th. I think this might be the old Yip’s spot (RIP), but I can’t be 100% certain because I don’t remember Yip’s exact location (though I’m sure some of our readers who work around the corner will pipe up and confirm/deny!).

As you can see by the sign, though, no word on when it’ll actually open aside from “soon-ish”.

Are you looking forward to Dos Toros? I’ve never been… let us know in comments what you like to order there!

PS Mid-mid-midtown is not a typo or stutter. It’s about midway between east and west, and it’s a few blocks north of central-midtown…

Dos Toros
52nd Street between 5th and 6 Avenues


  • It went up in late February. I first saw it the 23rd. That’s the old Yip’s space, so at least something useful will take it over.

    Cue Eeyore in 3, 2, 1…

    • So what you’re saying is the point I was uncertain about (whether that was previously Yip’s) I should have been certain, and the point I was certain on (when the plywood went up) I should have been less assured.


      (Thanks for the confirmation/denial!)

  • So, job well done for me.

  • My favorite thing about Yips was that they would rush you to order. There might have even been a sign saying if you don’t order quickly you go to the back.

    I also loved that they had no sign for years. The place was nameless.

  • Y V O is back

    oh wait, you already knew that

  • A Dos Toros post without Eeyore trolling? Maybe it IS backwards day.

  • It’s no longer backwards day……it’s……..

  • I knew none of you would have been able to sleep well tonight unless I attended to this, well, except Irv the Perv……so……..


  • Soft open was last… Friday, I want to say. Today, it’s dollar burritos for the full open. The line snakes around inside and extends to the doors of my building even now.

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