Costas, a Newish Trendy Window on 35th Street Sells Arepas

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve walked down 35th Street because the woman who was working the window called Costas told me they’ve been open for 10 months. But I saw a tiny little window with a menu of arepas and I had to stop in my tracks.

They are selling South American arepas (what other kind are there??) and the prices at first glance look to be in the ML range. Each arepa is listed as $3.75, but then I noticed that you have to pay for everything added in to the corn patty. So if you choose things like short ribs, black beans, queso, and avocado, it can get quite expensive. If my math serves me, that traditional combo would cost $9 for one arepa. That better be one filling areapa.

The online reviews are positive and I do love a good arepa, so perhaps it may be worth a try, but I’m still skeptical. Has anybody been by here? What’s the verdict?

Costas, 30 West 35th Street (between 5th and 6th Ave), (646-564-3545)


  • Fred .. you finally got your Tuesday post …

    Fred? … Freddddddddd?

  • This is by the same people who owned Lena, which used to be next door but lost its lease over the winter. I miss Lena…


    The “shoulda woulda coulda been here” edition

  • i tried this place since it is 3 blocks from work. I got one with sort rib, queso, jalapenos and beans….it was kinda pricey for what it is….like about 10 bucks, but it’s good.

  • it was filled—lots of meat. It was as hearty as could reasonably be expected for the size. But it was also like 9 bucks. It may be less food than a burrito at a decent spot, put it that way…..its not cheap for the quantity. But i was full after i finished. And I’d go back….so I do reccommend.

  • There is a little time left, right…….?


  • I went there today. The only thing “trendy” about the place is the menu font. Other than that, it’s literally a hole in the wall that sells corn cakes with toppings. And the toppings don’t appear to be cheese. The best arepas are the sweet corn with cheese. They have that as a “side” and the person at the window didn’t recommend ordering it for lunch.

    I also had the sweet plantain with cheese. It was pretty good and more interesting than the arepas. These place desperately needs a regular sized sweet corn with cheese arepa.

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