Another Lunch Start-Up Tries to Change the Way We Eat Lunch

First there was Maple, now there is MealPass. Could the face of lunch change forever?

The newest online lunch platform started a month or so ago in Union Square and has now become available in Midtown. Eater has the details, but the way it works is lunchers subscribe to the service for $99 per month and then they get to choose each day from 45 restaurants located between 30th and 40th Street who will provide a meal ready to be picked up every single weekday lunch. Plus, subscribers get to skip the line when they show up to get their food.

Restaurants in Midtown include Sarge’s Deli, Uncle Sam’s, and The Lobster Press.

On paper, it sounds like it might be worth trying out. If you break it down, that comes out to around $5 per lunch. That’s half the ML budget. Even when they rise the price to $119 per month, we’re still making out ok. The question remains: are the meals provided tasty and filling? And is it worth the time to go pick up each meal? We’d love to hear feedback from anybody who has given it a try or is thinking about it.

You can sign up for a membership and see a list of participating restaurants on their website here.


  • A couple friends are using mealpass. They are happy with the selection and the portion sizes.

    I prefer to have more freedom going to lunch. I like to go out and see which way the wind blows. I think using these services takes away the experience of finding places. But MealPass might be good if predictability is your thing.

  • If one centers the map on Rock Center and then enlarges it, one finds that there’s virtually nothing in midtown north of 34th St. and between Madison and Eighth Aves. I’ll stick with Harry’s MO.

  • As of today, they have further expanded into midtown, up to 50th st. Restaurants include Del Frisco’s Grille, Tuscanny, CafĂ© Metro, Tri Tip and others. I’ve been happy with it so far, and now that I don’t have to travel so far, its even better.

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