Morimoto Gets into the Ramen Game with Momosan


We certainly are not lacking for ramen options here in Midtown, but it was only a matter of time before Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto jumped into the ramen game. And it’s pretty cool that he decided to choose Midtown for Momosan Ramen & Sake Bar


But what does it mean for us? I checked it out last week and managed to snag a seat at the bar rather quickly. The dining room was packed and the hostess was quoting parties of two about a 20 minute wait. Unless you’re eating solo or you come early, I imagine this will be tough to make a quick lunch.

The food also took a while to come out once I ordered. I started with a kakuni bun (one was $4), which looked a little lonely. It was a small piece of pork belly, lettuce, and a smear of mustardy mayo.

I actually found the pork a little tough and chewy. It didn’t have the plump fattiness I expect from pork belly for. The bun itself was more sweet than I was used to but it was tender and sopped up the bit of grease nicely.

The ramen soups come in two sizes – the smaller of the two is right at the ML limit of $10. I thought it might be worth pushing it if the ramen was extra good. There is also a lunch set of $16 for you big spenders out there that includes a small ramen, a small don, and a side of pickled cabbage.

When the tonkotsu arrived, I was bit turned off that the seaweed was stamped with the logo of the restaurant. I felt like it was a cheap shot to make sure everyone tags their Instagram photos. I asked the bartender what it was and she wasn’t sure exactly but she assured me it was safe to eat.

I chose the traiditonal tonkotsu and I was pleased with the portion size. The broth had good flavor – super garlicky and salty. The pork chashu was sliced very thin (almost like bacon) and had an earthy peppery flavor. The noodles were expertly cooked – as springy as you’d expect.

It was a decent ramen. Not the best I’ve had in Midtown, but perfectly acceptable. I am a bit curious about the more exotic Tantan soup featuirng a spicy coconut curry broth. Wonder how it compares to Tabata.

It was a filling and mostly satisfying meal. And I’m sure it will draw huge crowds for quite a while. What else is new in the world of Midtown ramen spots?

Momosan Ramen & Sake, 342 Lexington Avenue (btw 39th and 40th St), (646) 201-5529


  • Gotta say, once Island Cafe took over the old Hestia space (40th between 7th and 8th), the food has gotten much better. They’ve got huge portions of ramen and udon all under the ML limit (8-9 bucks). Lots of different options and the add-ins are all cooked well. Also a really good sport for bibimbap, bulgogi and a bunch of Korean dishes.

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