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At Nippori, Tabata Gets Into the Izakaya and Sushi Game

Nippori NY

Team Tabata is at it again. Not to be content with two Tabata noodles restaurants, they’ve expanded to 51st St between Broadway and 8th Ave, with a new venture called Nippori New York. Why they’ve chosen to cluster their restaurants so closely is somewhat of a mystery, but Nippori distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive Japanese menu.

There is a full line-up of izakaya favorites, such as yakitori, roasted tuna collar, tempura, and the like, which make Nippori a fitting alternative when the crowds are fierce at Sake Bar Hagi or Yakitori Totto. And there’s a full sushi bar, although there’s little from either menus that would qualify as a Midtown lunch. But the familiar old noodles from Tabata have been brought over, and although all bowls of soup are above $10, it would be only fair to grandfather in these classic bowls of midtown ramen.
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Tabata 2 is Opening Today: If you're one of the people who likes Tabata Ramen but doesn't like trekking all the way to 9th Ave, you'll be excited to know that Tabata 2 (the new location on 38th and 8th we told you about back in June) is opening today.  A whole one avenue closer (!!!) it'll be interesting to see how these locations operate so close to each other.  Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.  (via Twitter]

Tabata Ramen Expands Their Cold Noodle Menu

Now that we’ve finally cleared the horrible heat wave as of late, it’s worth mentioning that Tabata Noodle Restaurant, which is conveniently opening another location one long block away on 8th, not only has cold noodles but has just expanded their menu. Not to be missed is the Tan Tan Hiyashi – their awesome Tan Tan Men (spicy ground pork, sesame broth, scallions, and heaven in a bowl) writ cooled-down. Plus they have curry ramen too (think Go Go Curry in ramen with roast pork – aMAYzing)!

Tabata 2: Ramen Boogaloo, Coming Soon to 8th Ave

The more noodly ML readers might recall that almost a year ago to the day, we reported on Tabata’s second location opening on 8th Ave. A reader sent us a photo of the signage, now up on 8th at 38th (right next to 2 Bros) and we swung by. The photo above shows the storefront papered off with a lot of clutter in the very tiny space, with construction permits expiring on 6/13. The original Tabata is but one long and one short block away – wonder how much draw this’ll get? We’ll be sure to report on them when they open, because a hot bowl of ramen is ten times better when it’s 90 degrees outside!

Get Tabata’s Cold Noodles While They’re Hot

I wouldn’t blame people for accusing me of a bias towards soup in general, and Asian noodle soup in particular. I will say this, though – while I’m willing to point fingers at bad examples, we need to hold the front runners to the same standard as well. Tabata debuted almost a year ago to much acclaim from me and decent receptions from others, and their ramen has held the course of being consistently high quality and delivered properly and swiftly.

The onset of our heat wave-stricken summer has some interesting looking cold noodle options on their menu: some cold noodles with dipping sauces a la zaru soba, some cold noodles in light, brothy sauces, and one or two proper cold ramen options, broth and all. Is this another option other than gazpacho from the major soup chains out there, or is it just a cheap exploitation of the weather at the top end of the Midtown Lunch price range, seeing that no cold noodle option is less than $9.99?
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More Ramen Descends on Midtown

Tan Tan Men @Tabata RamenSummer is not when I crave ramen, but we are about to blessed with some serious noodle additions to Midtown. Grub Street announced yesterday that the second locations of both Totto Ramen (on 51st and 10th), which we mentioned a few months back and Tabata Noodle (39th bw 8th and 9th) will be opening very soon. Both are just slightly out of bounds, but if the food remains as good and the locations are indeed larger, it will certainly be worth the walk. Back in Midtown proper, but a bona fide splurge, comes the exciting discovery that Ma Peche now seems to be offering both beef and duck ramen on their delivery menu.

Tabata Noodle is Worth a Visit, or Two or Three

Tabata Exterior

One of the things that I love about ramen joints in New York City, is the sheer variety of options and riffs on noodle soup that one finds on the typical menu. Walk into Ippudo, Men Kui Tei, or Sapporo, and you’ll find the traditional, the experimental, and in the case of Tabata Noodle, a truly multi-national take on ramen. According to Julia Moskin of the New York Times, the owner of Tabata, Linn San Maung, as well as most of the staff are Burmese. Thusly, the ramen at Tabata seeks to marry Chinese, Indian and Thai (the primary flavors of Burmese cuisine) influences into a happy handshake with traditional Japanese ramen procedures. And with over a dozen variations of ramen, ranging from the more traditional Tan Tan Men to a crazy coconut based concoction that Danny seemed to enjoy, there are plenty of reasons to come back time and time again.
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Newly Open Tabata Ramen Gets the NYT Treatment: It looks like Lunch'er Michael isn't the only one who loves Tabata Noodle, the new ramen place on 37th btw. Mad+5th (9th Ave. btw. 39+40th).  The New York Times has deemed it worthy of a $25 and under review.  They recommend the Kyushu ramen, the tan tan mien, and the curly noodles, plus point out that the owner is Burmese- which "explains the coconut milk and red onions in the creamy Tabata ramen."

Tabata Noodle Restaurant Now Open, and Serving Ramen

Thanks to Lunch’er Michael for letting us know about this one!  You might remember his report on the ramen at Ronin (on 37th btw. Mad+5th).  Today he files this report on the newly open Tabata Ramen.


Okay, it’s about time that Midtown West had a really good ramen place, and this one’s even doable for a quick (albeit commute-challenging) dinner pickup to bring home to Jersey and beyond if you go to Port Authority. One of my co-workers found out about Tabata Ramen (on 9th Ave. btw. 39+40th), and he knows how crazy I am for noodle soups and how I lament the lack of good ones thereof.

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