Newly Open Tabata Ramen Gets the NYT Treatment

It looks like Lunch’er Michael isn’t the only one who loves Tabata Noodle, the new ramen place on 37th btw. Mad+5th (9th Ave. btw. 39+40th).  The New York Times has deemed it worthy of a $25 and under review.  They recommend the Kyushu ramen, the tan tan mien, and the curly noodles, plus point out that the owner is Burmese- which “explains the coconut milk and red onions in the creamy Tabata ramen.”


  • having trouble with addresses this week Zach?

  • Great…now I have some Ramen Rage. I was like, “A ramen place on the next block?! How did I miss this?!!” I think he mixed it up with Washoku/Ronin.

  • Tabata is a welcome surprise to neighborhood. I really enjoyed their ramen. So much better ramen and value than Totto up the street.

  • FYI, I’ve had almost every single item on the ramen menu thus far. The tan tan men was described by my friend, who taught English in Japan for three years, as among the best he’s ever had. I’ve never had before and OH MAN AMAZING.

    The shio ramen is very different from the shio ramen at Mitsuwa, but I think the latter uses a tonkotsu broth.

    My wife got the seafood ramen and it was delicately done in the tonkotsu – very, very nice.

    My boss got the garlic noodle and it was salt flavor noodles but with a garlic broth to pour over or dip in. Different, but good.

    The kara age ponzu was really tasty dark-meat fried chicken with a nice refreshing grated radish on top, but the gyoza were meh at best.

    They now have a Hell’s Kitchen ramen which is supposedly super spicy. That’s my lunch for today!

    I also just uploaded their current menu to their Facebook page. They now take credit cards and deliver, quite swiftly too! The noodles also come apart a little more easily now and I’ve had nothing but perfectly fatty pork since my initial review.

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