Enzo’s Makes Calzones More Deadly (And More Delicious) By Frying Them

Earlier this summer, Meal Ticket reported that Shank’s was moving from the chrome covered little space on 15th street and would be replaced by Enzo’s. While looking to see how the menu has changed, I saw the list of panzarotti’s, and while I wasn’t sure what one was, the many stuffings options (pepperoni, steak, sausage) gave me a feeling this would be something I would really like. I was more than happy to check them out for the sake of reporting back.

Panzarotti’s are Enzo’s main attraction, at least to a fried food fanatic like myself. They are essentially deep fried calzones and they start at $5.75. I had requested a steak filled panzarotti, but somehow my order was confused and I was served a regular one. I didn’t mind too much though; these fried to a crisp dough pockets of oozy cheese and tomato sauce taste like pretty much how you would expect: awesome.  I just wish I had a beer to go with it.

And just to make mom happy, I had a salad. A watermelon salad was on special, and I couldn’t resist. The watermelon-bacon-mozzarella toppings made up for the iceberg lettuce situation.

Another menu item is their roast pork sandwich; served on a sesame hoagie, it was big and filled with nice, non grisly,  pieces of meat but the sweet peppers on top were necessary for some extra flavor.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Fried calzones!
  • The menu has classics, greasy stuff, and healthy things like grilled chicken; something for everyone

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • They added more seating, but its still tight
  • Get my order right, please!

Enzos’s, 120 S 15th St (@ Chestnut St), 215 561 6100



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    I had the small sausage sandwich here and it was the most disappointing sandwich I’ve ever had. I was told it came with sauce, so I asked for cheese. That changed the cost from $5.95 to $7.25. When I got back to my office, I opened it to see they take a 6 inch piece of sausage, slice it in half and put it on a kaiser roll, put one piece of provolone. No sauce, no taste, extremely dry.

    Shanks will be missed

  • @jgrr that sounds like a badddd time. I am sorry to hear that! I swear the panzarottis are worth trying!

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    Those panzarottis are amazing but I also had a delicious chicken cutlet sandwich. My husband had some kind of grilled vegetable sandwich that was great, too. Give it another try!

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