Dos Tacos in Center City

If I had a dollar for every iteration of casual eatery I have written about that existed at the corner of 15th and Sansom (Aqua, Shank’s, Enzo’s) I could buy quite a few tacos. Dos Tacos opened this summer with a menu of fanciful tacos. They made the most of the small space with Day of the Dead themed wall decorations.  Tacos come 2 to an order, as the name suggests.           First, lets just address the fact that the tacos range from $7-$9.50. We can all agree- that is too much for  take out tacos that come  2 per order (lest you forget). But new tacos in Center City with late night hours warranted am open minded try in the daylight.  Also- Shirley Temple soda!     It was so hard not to get the bacon and pork belly taco. But the bulgogi sauce and kimchee topped flank steak inside the “Ta-Korea” stood out ($8). I enjoyed the big slices of meat- I always love sliced flank steak. Could I have used another piece or two for the price? Probably. But the real issue was that the tortilla didn’t hold up to the quality of the steak and its fancy sauces.   A friend tried the “El Jefe” with lightly fried shrimp. Again, the protein was prepared well, but we could have used more of it and the tortilla was not doing anyone any favors.     If your version of tacos is more Ortega shells (I had to look that brand up because I’m snobby like that) and ground meat- go for the Clasicos ($7.50), like another friend did. Served in a crispy shell, in terms of ground beef- which I rarely ever eat- this was really good- not over ground and well seasoned. If you were a large, hungry man like a lot of my best friends- you could probably finish one taco in 3 bites. While Dos Tacos isn’t the best value, the most important components are tasty and we lack options for great tacos on the 15th and Sansom area. I would go back for that bacon and pork belly jawn, especially if they upgrade the tortillas.   Dos Tacos, 120 S 15 St, 215 567-8226


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