A Quick Steam Table Stop at Thai Singha House To Go

The Thai food scene in Philly is largely homogenous: decent, but not mind blowing food, with a 3 course special during lunch time. Take out spot Thai Singha House To go is a little different; its homier. The price of lunch from the steam table meal hasn’t changed since the place opened 5 years ago.

$6 gives you a choice of 2 steam table proteins over either rice or pad thai. I picked the fried tilapia and the shrimp with bamboo shoots, plopped next to each other over a basic tofu pad thai. I enjoyed the tilapia though the breading wasn’t crispy, it had a nice sweet and sour flavor. The shrimp were a little bland but the bamboo shoots made up for it, as they were tender and absorbed the spicy sauce.

The basil chicken was a little dry, not as good as the other two proteins.

I know I mentioned this, but $6 for all of that! The other details: The staff was really smiley.  Non steam table choices are available, like soup, appetizers, and curries as are soda and more Asian-y canned drinks. There is a counter with a few stools, but you are probably better off finding a nice outside area to enjoy your super cheap Thai food.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • $6 for a lot of food, served to you immediately

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Nothing mind-blowing here
Thai Singha House To Go, 106 S 20th St, 215 568-2390


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