Laotian Raw Tuna Salad at Ratchada

On Instagram, I saw a picture of a raw tuna salad at Ratchada- South Philly’s Thai/Laotian spot by one of the more popular Vietnamese shopping plazas. I made a visit because I love raw tuna in all forms, but especially in the summer.

On my last visit, I couldn’t get enough of the beef jerky from the appetizer sampler so I ordered some on its own ($5.95). Just as I remembered, I could never get sickk of these intense lemongrass flavored pieces of dried meat. So so good.

The Instagrammed tuna salad- laab tuna ($11) comes on shredded lettuce and warm, freshly fried egg noodles with a super spicy wasabi mayo. It was simpler than I expected. Lumps of raw tuna, fried crispy things, and spicy mayo aren’t a bad way to spend your lunch but with the addition of some red onion and peanuts or avocado, this could have been a much more impressive little dish.

Ratchada, 1117 S 11th St, 215 467-1546


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