Hotdogs or Curry from Amerithai

When AmeriThai opened in South Philly, I was perplexed by the menu; cheap curry and Thai noodles, but also hot dogs, cheesesteaks, and turkey sandwiches. For my inaugural trip, I stuck to the Thai section of the menu.

Crispy wings were not crispy as promised, but had a nice spicy and tangy, Thai influenced flavor.

Chicken satay was passable though not memorable; it was’t dried out and was somewhat browned.

Pineapple fried rice was a bit overcooked, though there were plenty of veggies and it didn’t suck for a big $6 plate. I am not quite sure if big, uneven pieces of tomato have a place in fried rice, but I could be wrong.

Pad thai was similarly overcooked, which resulted in clumpiness, but at least it didn’t suffer from over sweetness. I wonder if the cooking issues are a consequence of doing take out rather than eating in. The mungbean hand was quite overzealous.

In a town where curries run watery, the thickness of AmeriThai’s massaman was a treat. The $8 bowl (with beef) was the best of the day; a warm, aromatic bowl with potatoes,¬†carrots, onions, and peanuts.

Was passing on hotdogs a mistake? Maybe. Besides the curry, the food here is pretty middle of the road, though I definitely not find the place or its food as gross as  Victor did.

AmeriThai, 1244 Snyder Avenue, 215-334-0400


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