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Another Thai 3 Courser at Bangkok Thai 9

Fairly recently, Bangkok Thai 9 replaced Thai Chef and Noodle Fusion on Chestnut Street. I had always liked dinners at Chef and Noodle, but had never made it over for lunch. The Grand Opening awning brought me in for what seems to be the good old standard Thai 3 course lunch special, so common around Philly (see, Erawan, Sawatdee).

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New Thai in Town, Sawatdee

Sawatdee, the lime green new Thai restaurant, opened on South St last Friday and both Meal Ticket and Yelp Philly hinted that I needed to check out their lunch menu.

Like Erawan, the lunch menu has you pick 3 courses. Here they do them for $9.95.

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Big Flavors in Little Thai Market

Recommended by Profiled Lunchers Thad, Hayley, and others, Little Thai Market was next on list of places to try in Reading Terminal. It seems like this little spot always has a line. Since there are not too many options to choose from, the staff quickly scoops up your order from the steam table and ushers you to the cash register.

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Can Someone Help Me Out? What is the deal with Pad Thai Shack?

I remember visiting Philly several years ago and grabbing some pad thai from the appropriately named Pad Thai Shack while in a rush and being satisfied.  Pad Thai is such a safe choice, it is kind of hard to mess up, even if not authentic, it still probably tastes good as long as you like peanuts. Recently, I wanted to try something else from the Shack. Again, I found myself in a rush, actually even more of a rush, and I didn’t have time to wait for my noodles to be prepared so a grabbed something pre-prepared from the fridge.

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Spicy Curry at Thai Singha

Last week’s Profiled Luncher Mike reports to us on one of his favorite Thai spots in University City to try their lunch special for the first time.

I’m going to say it right now. I’m going to have trouble finding bad things to say about Thai Singha House which is located at 39th and Chestnut. Like I mentioned in my Luncher Profile, I am a big fan of ethnic food and Thai is up there among my favorite types. Here in West Philly, we have a number of Thai options such as Pattaya Grill and Thai Singha House, where I usually go. While I have been here many times in the past, I have never visited in time for their Lunch Special (which runs from 11 AM to 2:30 PM). In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went to a sit-down lunch. OK, I’m getting off track.

The first thing you will notice about Thai Singha House is that it is actually an attractive place inside. It is decorated with Thai statuettes and artwork and feels like a nice restaurant where you would eat well prepared food. I’m usually not one to care or worry about ambiance in the places where I eat, but I know this is a large concern to many people so I figure it’s worth mentioning.

After quickly looking over the lunch menu (each option is $7.95), I knew which dish I was going to order. I am generally a fan of Thai curry bowls so I opted to try their Red Curry (Gang Daeng) with Beef. I ordered and specified that I wanted it spicy. Our dishes came out lightning fast and came accompanied with a side plate of a little salad-like slaw, a mound of white rice, and an orange slice.

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$8 Lunch Special at Erawan: So many options, they can’t Thai you down…

I finally got around to trying a Thai spot for lunch, Erawan on 23rd St. To save you the trip to Wikipedia- Erawan is the name of a mystical elephant.

I wanted to get over there to try the  weekday lunch special, where 3 courses starts at $8.  The deal is dine-in only, but lunching by their zen waterfall wall beats scarfing down in front of a computer any day, so might as well stay a while. The first course is a small salad, followed by an appetizer, and then your main.

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