Can Someone Help Me Out? What is the deal with Pad Thai Shack?

I remember visiting Philly several years ago and grabbing some pad thai from the appropriately named Pad Thai Shack while in a rush and being satisfied.  Pad Thai is such a safe choice, it is kind of hard to mess up, even if not authentic, it still probably tastes good as long as you like peanuts. Recently, I wanted to try something else from the Shack. Again, I found myself in a rush, actually even more of a rush, and I didn’t have time to wait for my noodles to be prepared so a grabbed something pre-prepared from the fridge.

The buckwheat noodle salad comes with tofu, veggies, and a soy peanut dressing. It is apparently vegan, should that appeal to you. You get a 3/4 full quart size container, which is a decent amount of food. The first few bites had a nice flavor, and the tofu was pretty good. After that, the buckwheat noodles got pretty slimy.  There was not enough to this dish to warrant the post tax $9 price.

So should I give up? Or are there dishes to go back for at Pad Thai Shack?

Pad Thai Shack, 127 S 18th St (@ Walnut St), 215 557 0422



  • Uh my experience there a while back was so underwhelming that i don’t see myself going back. The Mi Xao was so flavorless, that i felt like i was just eating plain water logged noodles with minimal chicken. 8.75, even in CC is not a cheap lunch and i felt like i would have been more satisfied with a meal purchased at a steam table buffet. PLUS, they took forever to make it.

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    I’d say give up. If you’re wanting thai food in the area, go to Thai Singha House to Go right off 20th & Chestnut or even Thai Chef Noodle Fusion on Chestnut between 20th & 21st. Both places have better food (especially Thai Chef) and better deals. Pad Thai has always been overpriced and even the stuff made fresh is just s’okay and as MaltyDog said, takes forever for them to make even if no one else is there.

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