Big Flavors in Little Thai Market

Recommended by Profiled Lunchers Thad, Hayley, and others, Little Thai Market was next on list of places to try in Reading Terminal. It seems like this little spot always has a line. Since there are not too many options to choose from, the staff quickly scoops up your order from the steam table and ushers you to the cash register.

The coconut chicken soup was a promising start. At $2, the very filling portion of creamy, zesty soup comes with chicken and big mushrooms. A shrimp version is also available. I heard that the soup used to be spicier; make sure to ask for extra hot sauce on the side if you want heat.

I decided on the chicken curry, which is served over rice that becomes delightfully mushy under the coconut scented curry. The plastic to go containers are packed  full with chicken, bamboo shoots, pepper, and basil. It is a lot of food.  Despite the quantity of chicken they must go through, what was served to me in both the curry and the soup were not dry at all. Although I had heard such good things about this place, I was still surprised at how vibrant and authentic the flavors were.

I have heard the pad thai is great here, what have you tried?

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Low prices, big flavors, big portions
  • Seafood, chicken, vegetarian options

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • To go only
  • Cash only

Little Thai Market, 12th and Arch 215 873-0231



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